Micrometer is highly precise measuring tool widely used in metal working and manufacturing industry. This site is about micrometer and its use.

Friday, May 05, 2006

History of Micrometers

The concept of micrometer was invented way back in the 17th century. Mr. William Gascoigne invented micrometer screw as a better version of Vernier to help his study on stars. But the real father of today's micrometer is Jean Louis Palmer from France. It was Palmer who proved that micrometer concept can be used in measuring very accurate small dimensions. The original equipment was not so precise like today's modern micrometers. But it was Mr.Palmer's contribution which helped his successors to develop high precision micrometers which are widely used by precision manufacturing industries.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


Micrometer is a measuring instrument used in precision manufacturing industry. Compared to other measuring instruments like Vernier Calipers, a micrometer can give much precise measurements. Micrometers are a modified version of screw gauges. This original measuring equipment is less accurate and has its drawbacks. Todays micrometers are equipped with digital readings and can measure dimesnsions as accurate as 0.001mm.

Type of Micrometers

Micrometers can be broadly calssified into two.
1. External Micrometer and
2. Internal Micrometer

The external micrometer is the most commonly used one. This can be used to measure external dimensions like, length, width, thickness of a block, diameter of shaft etc. The inetrnal micrometers are used to measure slot widths, hole sized etc. There are also depth guages which uses the micrometer heads to get accurate depth measurements. More micrometer in the coming posts.